What are Tooth Gems?

Tooth gems, are rhinestone jewel that attaches to the visible surface of a front tooth. They are a type of cosmetic treatment and allow the people the ability to create a unique smile. Tooth gems are considered to be temporary and not intended to wear on a permanent basis. The gem is nonremovable and securely fixed to the tooth, and the removal process is safe and easy.

How long does a Tooth Gem last?

Tooth gem is not considered to be a permanent cosmetic treatment, but it is instead only worn for temporary periods of time; most people wear their tooth gem for three to six months to as long as 1 year. Each gem should remain in good condition long-term as long as you practice good oral hygiene and is able to avoid dental trauma.

Can you feel the Tooth Gem?

The tooth gem shines bright and reflects its beauty in an elegant way. However, it is small, typically about half of a millimeter thick and two to three millimeters in diameter. The gem may be noticeable for the first few days, but people typically adjust quickly and do not feel it.

Will my oral care regimen be more difficult with a tooth gem?

Since the gem is small, it does not impede your ability to take care for your teeth enamel by brushing and flossing. The jewel also does not harm the tooth in any way if you take good oral care of it.  Of course, to maintain the best smile possible, it is important to keep teeth clean and avoid foods that can cause stains.

Can I still have my teeth cleaned with a tooth gem?

Yes, you're are still able to have their teeth cleaned while your are wearing their tooth gem.  The person cleaning your teeth will need to hand scale that tooth and not use a cavitron.  The cavitron will make your gem come off due to to vibration it makes.  You should continue to visit the dentist for a cleaning every four to six months.

How do I get my tooth gem removed

Tooth gems can be removed. The removal process is typically a straightforward procedure that can be performed by a qualified dental professional. The process involves using a dental handpiece and a polishing bur to carefully remove the gem and any adhesive residue on the tooth surface.

Are your gems lead free?

Yes!  We use Lead Free Swarokit Crystal gems.  And some of are gems are 18k gold and white gold.