Sparkling Smile  Reward program

Our Reward program was created to reward out clients who take pride and joy in their new whiter smile!  When you visit us for your first teeth whitening treatment we will go over our Reward program too.


How to join the Reward Program

When you come for your first visit to our studio or we come to you, Sparkling Smile will give you one of our Reward punch cards and this will be your first hole punched.  Each punch card has 10 visits on it.   When you get 5 holes punched you can a get Free professional teeth whitening or a home whitening touch up pen set.  You choose which product you would like.  Sparkling Smile will keep your punched card on file, and keep you up to date with how many holes you have punched.


How to get your Reward card filled.

You have two options to filling your Reward punch card:

  1. Your first punch will be when you do your first professional teeth whitening.
  2. You do a 6 month or yearly professional teeth whitening.
  3. Refer friends, family or loved ones to get your Reward card completed quicker so you can enjoy your free treatment. And when they get there professional teeth whiten you will get a punch hole for every person you refer and gets whitening done.

Reward Card Rules and Regulations 

  • 1 hole punch is issued per appointment.  If you have a double booking appointments (2 or more) you will get your punched card punched per person after they get their whitening done.
  • Even though the Reward Card has 10 punches you only need to get 5 holes punched to receive a Free whitening gift!  You can also do the other 5 hole punches to receive another Free whitening gift if you would like to but not necessary.  You have 1 year to complete 5 hole punches or 10 hole punches if you would like to get 2 free teeth whitening done or get 2 touch up pens.  Once you complete your 5 hole punches on your card, you will have 1 year to get your free whitening if you choose to get that.  If you chose to get our home whitening touch up pen kit, we will give that too you right away.
  • All Reward Punch cards will be on file with Sparkling Smile which we will notify/update on your punched card.
  • After the card is completed, the free teeth whitening treatment or whitening pen set is only valid to the persons name on the punch card.